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.hack//Epitaph of the Twilight timeline in Link didn't mention the main and second protagonist from the novel.

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:18 am
by Luferio2020
So far, i was fascinated at the story of the .hack//Epitaph of the Twilight which was a prequel origin story of the .hack franchise as a whole and sadly, i can't find a translated version of this novel over the internet and since then i always wanted to know the story of Lara's adventure in Fragment :o :( .

Anyways, in .hack//Link Tokio had opened a timeline of The World's original prototype Fragment in the year 2007 (in that year is where .hack//Epitaph of the Twilight took place). When he went there, he met two faceless characters in Fragment named Gram and W.B. Yeats  little that he knew that they would become Balmung and Hokuto in the next two years! and since i didn't understand Japanese when i watched that walkthrough in Youtube over four years ago, this is the only thing that i'm gonna tell to everyone.

But there was a problem, Tokio interact with Gram and W.B. Yeats in the 2007 timeline but there were a few characters missing in it. I didn't see Saya, Fili, Bith and others appear in the timeline somehow.

The question lies here, was the adventures of Saya took place a few months or even years before Harald gave Fragment to CC Corp? Does Gram and Yeats have the knowledge of the events of Saya's adventures?

Re: .hack//Epitaph of the Twilight timeline in Link didn't mention the main and second protagonist from the novel.

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:01 pm
by (Phantom) Thief
Well Lara, the main character of the novel does appear, however its in voice only. Howrver Bith, Fili and the others probably don't appear because Tokio wasn't coennected to that timeline.

Tokio returns to Fragment however the Epitaph of Twilight takes place inside Black Box a year or a few month before fragment was released. However at some point during his in 2007, he happens to connect to the even older data within the core of the system from 2006.

Gram and WB. Yeat however didn't have knowledge of the previous timeline's events because they weren't apart of those situations. Although how Gram receieved his weapon was affected by something that happened back then.