Prototype: Delta

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Prototype: Delta

Postby Kaori » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:38 am

Lookin over the remains of her beloved Vrabe, Crea let out a sigh, sure she had taken out that new Clan mech, but now she's out of a mobile suit, and regular mass production suits won't do her any good whatsoever due to how slow they are compared to a high performance machine, didn't help that the Vrabe was controlled like an extension of her body, so, she decided to ask the one person who can get her a suitable replacement, Destro.

"No." Said the deceptively young looking man as he oversaw the salvage effort of the Vrabe, "Come on Desu, you know I won't be of any use in a Massprod unit.", "No, not after you blew up a perfectly good machine, the Vrabe may have been incomplete and rather worn down, but that machine was a work of art, I'm surprised I was able to design such a fine girl in the future only for you to blow it up." "Look, I had no choice, that Clan machine was no selling our attacks, way I saw it, a Near Nuclear explosion was the only choice we had in taking it down.", "Even if I wanted to, I can't make a Gundam here with these equipment, I need to be at my Factory on Olympus to make a Gundam.", "I know you have some prototypes you brought along for testing, can't I use those?", "Okay, firstly, they are for field testing and demonstration purposes only, not for live combat-", "Come on, be a pal, I know you probably have one you can spare.", with that, Destro sighed and said, "follow me.".

Inside the large storage hangar stood tall Mobile suits, each majestic and proud, if machines had any sense of pride that is, Destro was leading Crea past many of the Suits, "I choose that one." Asked Crea, "No." Replied Destro, "Ooh, what about that one?", "No.", "what about that one?", "what about this one?", "No.", it wasn't until they reached the end of the hall did Destro point to a particular Mobile Suit, it had a black shades style visor sensors and a purplish paint scheme, crea felt like she got the short end of the stick, the unit was not fully armored and had some of its inner frame parts such as tubing and endoskeleton exposed, "Desu, what is this?" Asked Crea in a slightly annoyed tone as she continued to inspect it, "Project Delta, the first transformable Mobile Suit, or would have been, we never got the transformation thing right and ended up having to abandon it, now, the thing serves as an aggressor unit for demonstrations.", Crea was unimpressed, "This thing doesn't even have thrusters on the back Desu.", "like I said, we abandoned it, too much money being spent and no results, this is all I can offer you so either you take it or leave it.", replied Destro with some impatience, Crea sighed, "lets negotiate about this." Said Crea, this was going to be a long day....

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