Legends of Gaia { the children of Eesa}

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Legends of Gaia { the children of Eesa}

Post by kai the pkk » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:59 pm

( somewhat of a ys and Arc rise fantasia combine rp but with original elements}
Story: This story will Revolve around two characters a young man Named Adol Christin and a young girl Named Estelle Bright...these two souls are Siblings Seperated due to War... Twins in Fact...though they are Different then your average Children..Adol Posseses In human fighting abilitties that Rival a Captain of an elite Knight squadron with a great flow of mana through his body and Estelle posses enough mana and magical abilitties to Rival that of a grand master mage..so Naturally People would want to somehow get ahold of these two and use their power though the two lived in peace unfortunately it is a time of strive and Hardships and Despair the two opposing kingdoms of Bargonia and Celestia are at war with each other This War Has caused the Continent of Gaia the Split into The two Seperate factions of Bargonia Fighting for Reals Law and Celestia Fighting for Imaginal's Law...The village of Lance was Adol and Estelle's home town and was the first to get caught up in the war and as a Result the Village of Wiped out The Twins were taken away to the two different sides hoping to split them up and increase their chances of getting captured by Duke fon Fabre... a evil man who's Desire to rule far outweighs his pitiful Exscuse for humanity the times of War are getting worse and worse Duke fon Fabre claims to be a man of peace trying to work on a peace treaty between the opposing Sides what he really Wishes is to Find the Children and Capture them He wants them to use their power Claiming some nonsense like " The Children of Imaginal and Real the day the come together is the day the path to our new world opens before us let us Seize this Chance and Claim what is ours! my friends it is not time of War What is Imaginal and Real?!...False Gods that We believe in what is this Nonsense between Imaginal and Reals Law it is now time to Claim what is ours we shall gain what We finally Deserve!!" and Now So begins the legends of Gaia

pm me templates
class: anything just not ridiculous
Race: ANything just don't make it ridiculous
faction: Bargonia or celestia Bargonia shall be a part of Estelle's Story and Celestia shall be a part of Adol's story...both story paths will cross countless times

Special template
Estelle Bright... I reallly need someone who can Control Estelle it would make things easier

her template
name: Estelle bright
gender: female
faction: Bargonia
Bio: Estelle is a Cheery Girl She's calm and collected the majority of the time there will be times where she can be hot headed and when ever she is feeling down she hides her true emotions with a fake smile She was adopted into the Royal family of Bright at a young age it has been a long time since she seen her Brother and she knows she's Adopted and wishes to Search for Her brother but her adopted family doesnt want her to travel until her 17th birthday so shes been stuck living a normal life though She has been Studying the Ways of Magic Since the age of 8 so Naturally due to her gifts she has a Wide variety of Magic she can Weild with Ease she also has studied how to fight with a staff to protect her self if ever she needed if her magic failed her she watches out for her Foster/ Adopted brother Joshua bright who also Studies the way of the Sword wishing to become a adventurer one day

Adols template ( me)
name: Adol Christin
age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Mage Knight/Mercenary
Faction: Celestia
Bio:he is calm cool and collected when it comes to battle he can be quite the Genius...He's Very nice to others and especially to his comrades in arms he was Adopted by the Noble family of Christin he was Trained to be a Swordsman from a young age and he Got his Mercenary License at a young age of 13 he's been raised in war and fighting yet he has never let that get his spirits down it has been Years since he has seen His sister and he Still Searches for her and One day he promises he will meet her again...as years went on He mostly only Trusts his back to his Good Friend Dogi They Allwats have fought together since Adol Became a Mercenary Dogi is Very hot headed and looks for a fight sometimes so which is why Adol and Dogi would be a unlikely good team but they tend to balance each other out

Adol of Estelle's appearance