Color Changed picture avator (not sure if its fan art)

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Color Changed picture avator (not sure if its fan art)

Post by Daniel Jackson » Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:35 pm


hi hehe i got a picture and then just changed the color and stuff on it with adobe photoshop CS, and adobe image ready.

im not sure if this is considered fan art since i just recolored it etc, but its still art. look at my avator :)

hehe i tryed to act like, well since i suck at like drawing on computer and even on paper. i was acting like if i had a character , and it was a twin blade, but with out having to look like kite or .hack//dusk kite. then ill just change the color of outfit, eyes, hat, tactoos, hair, etc.

but if i could draw good then i woulda made a twin blade completely differnt from kite :) :P

and people please post what do you think about it, is it good, does it need improve ment, etc so i can know what to do to make it look better, etc.

as i havent seen any replays yet. i thought that i might clearafy it. the picture for my avator
on left side top corner of this post :P

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