Valkyria Chronicles ISO Undub

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Valkyria Chronicles ISO Undub

Post by oda1honda » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:30 am

Well, I do know this is a completely different game and all that. . And this is really off-topic and well, It's a "WTF is this thing doing here" topic. But well, Just leave it here. I have no idea where to put the download link without it risking to have it's contents deleted. Unless you can tell me or anyone who is reading this topic on where and how to download Undub games like Valkyria Chronicles, Tales Series, .Hack Series or any Japanese games for that matter. ... ?f=27&t=10
d5t wrote:Here is a simplified updated version of the rules:
  • No illegal intellectual property linking or "hinting" (MP3s, ANY illegal .hack media (you will be humiliated if you link to illegal .hack media), copyrighted media, etc). (THIS INCLUDES IN YOUR SIGNATURE, PRIVATE MESSAGES, AND ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MESSAGE BOARD. THERE ARE NO LOOP HOLES! YOU WILL BE BANNED!)
Oh and by the time someone who is reading this and tries to download the game and DLC (which is called "GAME.7z"), I am sure the link to download it is like "Broken" so yeah. Don't expect reupload once that happens. I am most likely forgotten about this or do not have the file any longer. I do however hope that anyone who knows how to get Undub games and DLC for them can tell people the steps and sites.

So yeah, Thanks in advance.